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February 28th - March 1st

March 13-15th

April 16-19th


Aluna Retreat

February 16th

Entheo Breath

Breath & Yoga @Estrella Collective

March 28th

Return of the Lion Hearted

men retreat


April 24-26th

Breath & Spirit

w/Moni Osborne and

Abe Taliaferro

Alexandra & Attila Aluna

October 19-24th 2020

VIVA Alegre

Puerto Morelos, MEXICO




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ALUNA Retreat

The ALUNA Experience

~ Your journey inwards starts here ~

Our work is an invitation for a pilgrimage to self-love,

with sincerity and devotion to the sacred feminine divine

 ~ equally for men and women.


Feminine consciousness

is weaving a new way into being,

inviting us to step through the magic doorway

to be part of the great change - 

to become conscious co-creators of a new reality.

Come and step with us through the portal

into the holy grail to reawaken your greatest potential. 

How does the ALUNA experience look like?

At ALUNA we focus on you and your needs. We tune in on where you are at in your journey, accompany you every step of the way and hold space for you. We believe in following our heart, following our highest excitement and living according to our own truth. In order to do so we believe that we first must let go of old programming and limitations to become authentic ~ true to our selves.  Letting go of judgement towards ourselves and therefore letting go of judgement of our surroundings. This path is a path of forgiveness and compassion and it starts with ourselves. When we commit to this we commit to our feminine side, our heart, our emotions, our feelings. 

Through the tools we offer at ALUNA we like to assist you on the path to the sacred feminine divine;  a path open to everyone. It is a journey that allows everything in us to be acknowledged, to be loved, to be brought to the light. In order to do so we first must 'descend into the underworld' - the death and rebirth all shamanic traditions speak of. A deeply feminine process - the return to the sacred feminine divine, for both men and women.

When you experience Breath Work with us you will be guided safely back to your core. The experience can be raw, painful, deep, and profound yet at the same time nurturing, warm, loving and sacred. We are here to hold space for you, lovingly committed to you.

What does ALUNA mean?

ALUNA means 'Great Mother' in the language of the Kogis, an ancient civilization that lives in the mountains of Colombia.  We chose this name to honor the sacred feminine divine expressed through our magical planet Earth. We humans can only truly feel love and respect for this planet, mother Earth, when we start to truly love and respect ourselves. During the ALUNA experience you will naturally return to a state where self-love and self-respect are a part of your day-to-day life again. 

Come and join us entering the new paradigm on this earth, where self-love and

self-compassion rule and peace unfolds within.


reclaim your wholeness 

we offer

individual sessions

group sessions



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connect to your inner guidance

by communing with the wisdom of sacred plants

from the Amazon

we offer

Sacred Cacao




 heal and empower yourself

in a safe and sacred setting

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